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focus on the arbitrage between inefficient capital markets and real estate

TREE is the bundling of activities of the partners associated with TREE Real Estate, TREE Finance and TREE Projects.

Each branch of the TREE works on a project-by-project base with selected best in class specialists. TREE strives for bringing superior added value to its Clients and provides them with access to a best in class network in the Dutch Real Estate and Finance Industry. 



TREE is led by Erik Troost. After completing his Master in Business and Administration in Rotterdam in 2001, Erik worked as a real estate banker with ABN AMRO Bouwfonds and Bank of Scotland. As from 2009 Erik has been working as an independent advisor. 

Early 2014, Erik set up a specialized Real Estate Corporate Finance team with PwC after which Erik founded TREE in 2018.

Erik is an energetic, out of the box thinker, do-er and networker. He is capable of building strong teams and alliances with best in class specialists in the Dutch real estate sector on a project-by-project basis.


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